The Oregon Association of Acupuncturists is the fundamental force for advancing the practice of acupuncture in Oregon. We work closely with you, our members, other professionals and elected officials to increase the profile and solve problems we face.

The Oregon Political Tax Credit is a way for you to support the OAA without spending a dime. Because this is a state tax credit, not a deduction, it will be applied directly to your tax bill or credited to your refund!

Most Oregonians can get up to $50 for individual filers or $100 for joint filers. – however, contributions must be made before December 31, 2022 to receive the credit on your 2022 Oregon tax return. Please be aware that you must check the box on your Oregon tax form and include the receipt from the political donation to get the political tax credit.

Please consider taking advantage of this great opportunity to support our advocacy efforts in Salem and continue to advance our profession in Oregon.